East Texas Home Covered In Trash

It's the first house you see on Locust Road, but it's the junk that surrounds it you have to see to believe.

"I've seen city dumps that don't look that bad!", says Rosella Craig who lives two doors down.

The house is surrounded by such trash as old water heaters, refrigerators and other rusted appliances. A pile of garbage a pack of rubbish, making it impossible to park in the garage And walking through the front door? There's so much debris you can't even see it.

"It just sits there.  They don't do nothing with it, they just keep bringing in more," says Rosella. "There's nothing that ever moves out of there once it gets in there."

She says she's embarrassed just to invite friends and family over.

"I usually warn them ahead of time first hand, don't think that's how the whole neighborhood is."

Upshur County Constable Jerry Kuhn has seen this house before. He was formerly the litter abatement officer and issued a notice to abate the nuisance in 2001. The law gives a violator two options: clean it up or erect a solid fence to cover it up.

"That's not always the best remedy. Sometimes the fences look worse that the junk looks," says Kuhn.

Sheriff Anthony Betterton says they're not hiring another litter abatement officer to replace Kuhn.

So while residents like Rosella have to look on the bright side, "Thank goodness maybe it keeps the rats away from our place!" Sheriff Betterton says unless someone files a formal complaint, they're less likely to know to fix the problem.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com