Police Get New Bikes Funded By Confiscated Drug Money

Shiny, new bikes for fighting crime. All bought with money confiscated from drug dealers, according to the Smith County District Attorney's Office.

The Tyler Police Department received five new bikes this afternoon. They were donated by the Smith County D.A.'s office and Crimestoppers.

The officers are thankful for the new bikes to replace the old ones. They say bikes allow them more personal contact with the citizens of Tyler.

"We're not just driving down the road at 30 miles an hour in a car," Sgt. David Hall, the bike unit supervisor, said. "People can come up and they can contact us. And we can talk and be personable. And people can bring us their concerns on a one-on-one level, and we can talk to them."

The police bike team says they each ride 20 to 30 miles around town every night. So the new and improved bikes will help them do their jobs.

Julie Tam, reporting.