Sources: FBI, Texas Attorney General investigating Smith County Commissioners Court

Sources: FBI, Texas Attorney General investigating Smith County Commissioners Court

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Sources say the Smith County Commissioners Court is being investigated by the FBI and Texas Attorney General's Office. The investigation surrounds the proposed school zone speed camera system. 

The contract with American Traffic Solutions was approved behind closed doors during executive session in August 2014. Judge Joel Baker signed the contract in January without the commissioner's knowledge. After the system was made public, Judge Joel Baker said signing without the public's input was 'my failure.'

The cameras were set to be deployed in school zones in rural parts of the county after it was met with controversy by the City of Tyler. 

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Not all the commissioner's were happy with the way the program was implemented. In an email, Commissioner Cary Nix replied to a concerned resident saying "I never saw the contract so Judge Baker is responsible...I assumed it was coming before the court , which it do not...These are ? For judge baker to answer"

In an email from Commissioner Terri Phillips to another concerned resident, he said, "I believe as you do that this contract was executed in a manner that was improper due to the fact that I was out of town and that there was nothing on the agenda item to alert the public or myself about this."

Commissioner Nix told us he was approached by the FBI several months ago; he said he's unable to speak about the investigation but says he's cooperating. Commissioner Jeff Warr also confirms an FBI investigation.

In a statement, Baker said he is confident that if a full and thorough investigation, the members of the Commissioners Court will be absolved of any wrongdoing.

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Commissioner Phillips said he is cooperating with the FBI and that he was absent the day the executive session took place. 

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