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Turkey frying safety tips

Longview firefighters show what could happen while frying turkeys improperly Longview firefighters show what could happen while frying turkeys improperly
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As Thanksgiving Day approaches, many East Texas families are deciding which manner to cook their bird. Frying is a popular method, but also yields one of the highest numbers of holiday injuries, according to Longview Fire Marshal Johnny Zackary.

Zackary has responded to dozens of frying accidents over the years. He says there are several tips to follow to make sure your family stays safe while frying your turkey.

The first thing Zackary says is to never fry indoors.

"Anytime you're going to fry, which we don't recommend frying turkeys but if you're going to fry a turkey, do so outside well away from the building," he says. "Make sure you're on concrete on a good stable surface, not on a deck, because if things go bad, it's just going to be worse."

The second thing Zackary says is to make sure you don't overfill your fryer with oil. Also, make sure your turkey is completely thawed so no extra water makes the fryer overfill.

"It's important that the oil is not too full, and make sure the oil doesn't get too hot, and when you put the turkey in, make sure it's completely thawed and there's no water on it," he says. "Because those are the things that could lead to a disaster."

The third thing the fire marshal says to watch out for is keeping kids and pets away from the area you're frying your turkey in. Fryers are top heavy, meaning one nudge could cause the fryer to topple over -- spilling boiling hot oil all over whatever is near it.

"It's five gallons of oil; it's top heavy," Zackary says. "And all that oil can be a big problem for whoever is around."

And of course, always have an extinguisher handy when cooking anything outdoors.

"Whether you're cooking inside or outside, whatever you do when something goes wrong is important," Zackary says. "Make sure everything is prepared correctly, and give some space to the cook."

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