Several Restaurants Have Violations, Others Hit Home Run

Rancho Grande on Highway 69 in Rusk was inspected January 31st. Uncovered meat was found in the walk-in cooler. An open space in floor was noted, and rat and mice droppings were found. Total demerits: 14. On a recheck March 3, no violations were found. Total demerits on re-inspection: 0.

Firehouse Burgers And More, 711 Dickinson Dr. in Rusk was inspected March 3rd. The inspector noted an open drink in the food prep area, and a floor tile was missing. Also, the inspector noted an employee's fingernails were "too long." Total demerits: 12. No recheck was ordered.

Chubby's at 1702 South Jackson in Jacksonville was inspected February 14th. People in bar were walking through the kitchen to get to the restrooms. A back door was propped open with a broom handle, and a can opener needed cleaning. Total demerits: 12. A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Simple Simon Pizza at 580 South Jackson in Jacksonville was inspected January 28th. A can of mushrooms was noticed to be bent, an ice scoop was not covered properly, and a mouse dropping was seen in a storage area. Total demerits: 11. A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant at 201 West San Antonio in Alto was inspected February 3. Lights in a food preparation area were not covered, a can opener needed cleaning, and the permit to serve food had expired. Total demerits: 11. No recheck ordered.

Cherokee County Restaurants with No Demerits:
  • Stacy's Bar-B-Q, 1217 South Jackson in Jacksonville.
  • Cherokee Diner, Highway 69 in Wells.
  • Lupe's Mexican Restaurant at 517 East Rusk in Jacksonville.
  • Church's Chicken at 1106 Dickinson in Rusk
Henderson Restaurants with No Demerits:
  • Snowflake Bakery, 522 Highway 79 South.
  • Captain's Fish House, 214 Highway 79 North.
  • Wal-Mart Radio Grill, 2121 Highway 79 South.
  • Sonic, 500 Highway 79 North.
  • Jarlinn's BBQ, 1504 West Main.

All inspection reports provided as public record by the Cherokee County Health Department and the City of Henderson.