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Gift of Love: Brothers In Need Of Family

A follow up on a tragic house fire in Tyler that we told you about three years ago. It claimed the life of a baby boy and left his two brothers injured. It was November 28, 2001. It's believed a faulty extension cord started the fire at this duplex on Houston Street in Tyler. Three small boys were inside, left alone when their mother went to get food and diapers. Now, three years later, those two boys have recovered but have spent their time in foster care. They are in need of a new family to give them a second chance at a normal life. Here's Eduardo and Alberto's story.

Eduardo and Alberto are not only brothers, they're best friends. Despite a rough start to their young lives both boys are healthy, well adjusted and very obedient with no behavior problems. "They're loving happy children. They like to do chores. They're easy to get up in the morning and get ready for school. When it's bed time there are no problems with them going to bed. They don't argue. They're generally loving helpful children," explains David Godwin, Child Protective Services case worker.

"They are just wonderful," says Maud Wright their foster mom. They call her Granny. "I would love to keep them forever but, because of certain circumstances, I can't. They are just sweet and I hope and pray they will find a wonderful home so they can have the stability of growing up together."

Staying together is important for these boys. They're bonded and need each other. Their personalities, however, are opposite.

Eduardo is the oldest. He is eight. "Eduardo is very friendly and happy, always smiling. He loves to hug and is a very sociable child," says Godwin.

Because of neglect, Eduardo has developmental delays, including his speech. "But he loves to show you his homework. He's proud of it. It might be completely wrong and not even close but he's proud of what he does and he does try," says Godwin.

Alberto is quite and shy. Although he's the youngest, he's taller than his brother. He is 7. This 1st grader does very well in school. Godwin says, "He does do some really good school work. His work is just really neat. He doesn't have a lot of erasing and his coloring is good."

"I like school. I like to read and go to the library," says Alberto.

It's easy to see why these adorable boys would bring a family a lot of joy. "They got such love in their heart." Maud goes on to say, "I just love them. They have a special place with me and it's going to be hard for me to let them go, very hard, but I know I must let them go."

But Maud knows the best is yet to come for Eduardo and Alberto. "They are going to make some family really happy and really proud to be their parent," says Maud.

In the meantime, these boys will hold on to each other as they wait to share the Gift of Love. "I love you," says Alberto as he gives Eduardo a big hug.

If you'd like to know more about Eduardo and Alberto call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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