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5 tips for using your empty ice cube trays in the kitchen

Ice cube tray ideas (Source: East Texas Kitchen) Ice cube tray ideas (Source: East Texas Kitchen)
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We all have them: the old plastic (or even vintage metal) ice cube trays. Since ice makers are widespread in most American refrigerators these days, ice cube trays are not quite as busy making ice for us, so we came up with some alternative uses for them!

First of all, it's a good idea to have ice trays stashed in your kitchen cabinet, as ice makers are notorious for breaking and needing replacement. If you can't afford to do that, or if the repairman can't get to it for a few days, you'll be glad to have them handy. They're available at most grocery stores for just a few dollars.

While they're not in use, though, here are a few ideas for things to freeze, to keep those trays working for you in the kitchen:

1. Leftover wine: Wine cubes are perfect for adding to recipes. Stir red wine cubes into a red pasta sauce like bolognese, or white wine cubes into risotto or a light gravy.

2. Chicken broth: When you have some leftover broth in the bottom of a store-bought container, pour what is left into your tray, then pop into freezer storage bags for use when making soup or chicken and dumplings.

3. Yogurt: Freeze plain Greek yogurt into cubes to use in your baking. Search the web for baked goods using yogurt, and you'll find plenty to do with it. Yogurt makes baked goods moist and adds a healthy dose of protein and calcium.

4. Fruit or vegetable juices: Freeze juices in your trays and store the cubes in freezer bags for smoothie making. They keep healthy drinks nice and cool! Also, fruit juice flavors plain water nicely as it melts.

5. Applesauce: If you want to keep small portions of applesauce fresh for toddlers, freezing and bagging is a great way to do that. Frozen applesauce is also handy when  you are making apple breads and smoothies. 

5. Coffee: Freeze leftover coffee (let it cool off so you don't burn yourself) in your tray, and then keep in a freezer bag. Coffee cubes are delicious for your iced coffees, as well as for making chocolate-espresso smoothies. No dilution of your drink! You can also drop a cube in your beef gravy for a nice added depth of flavor, too.

If you don't use any of these ideas, consider this: Ice cube trays make good organizers for small buttons or office supplies. You can also teach children to sort items by color with them for a fun learning game. 

Add some more ideas to our list by sharing them with us at Webstaff@KLTV.com. 

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