Better East Texas: Charlie Sheen is not a victim

Better East Texas: Charlie Sheen is not a victim

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Actor Charlie Sheen announced recently that he is HIV positive and that he has known about it for four years.

He added that he has paid millions of dollars to people that knew in an effort to keep his secret. Again, he has known about his condition for four years. He painted himself as a victim stating that, as a result of the hush money he has paid, millions of dollars were "taken away from my kids."

Sheen still doesn't get it.  He contracted HIV from some kind of risky behavior like unprotected sex or extensive drug use and then hid the condition for four years while partaking in the same activities that put others at risk. He claims that no one else has been infected but how can he truly say that with any confidence?

So, this really ought to be viewed as a crime and Sheen is the perpetrator.

Additionally, he is complaining about the hush money he has paid in nearly the same breath that he describes the daily drug treatment that, no doubt, is not free. So, Sheen may have infected others he participated with in his dangerous lifestyle, he blames others for cheating his kids out of some of their inheritance and paints himself as the victim.

We see this narcissistic attitude regularly with those who have lost touch with reality and see themselves as the center of the universe and these situations typically turn out bad. I feel bad for Sheen but even worse for his victims, which include his children.

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