Constables Await Legal Opinion On Controversial Equipment, Money

A Smith County Reserve Constable Association is still without equipment and money to protect its citizens.

Last week, we told you about the $10,000 worth of items missing from Precinct 4 in Winona, now under Constable Dale Geddie. He says former Constable Charles Wilson, who was voted out of office this year, gave everything to another constable.

Now, Precinct 1 Constable Henry Jackson has several guns and gun lockers, as well as bullet-proof vests, constable badges, and more than $1600. Jackson says he also has the reserve officers' patrol car, along with the radio and scanner equipment inside.

He's waiting for a legal opinion from the district attorney to tell him what to do with all the items.

"If I'm allowed to keep the products here, I will probably still get back with Geddie and see what I can do to help him and his precinct out," Jackson said. "As a new constable, I know how he feels. I came in with a bare wall with nothing here and struggled for things and get things on my own."

We still have not been able to reach Wilson to find out why he gave Jackson all the equipment.

Julie Tam, reporting.