Proud of East Texas: Sola Bread Company

Proud of East Texas: Sola Bread Company

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Baking bread and breaking bread are a family affair at the Sola Bread Company.

Blaine Davis grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where families walked to neighborhood bakeries twice a day for freshly baked bread. That sharing of bread was something Blaine missed when he and his wife Karen moved back to the U.S., so he soon began baking bread for family get-togethers.

"I love sharing bread with people, because it's something warming. It's comforting and no one ever says no to a loaf of bread," Blaine said.

It was at a family gathering that the idea for Sola Bread Company came about. The couple, along with brother and sister-in-law Tim and Lindsay Long, and Karen's brothers, John Patrick Long and Tommy Long, are all part of the operation.

Lindsay says that after the initial idea, came the building of the oven.

"The guys started December 3, 2013 building an oven, took about nine months in the backyard of Karen and Blaine's house," she said.

The special oven was key to the handmade artisan bread that Sola Bread Company produces.

"It's a very gentle even kind of heat. We bake at a much higher temperature than you would in your oven," said Blaine.

Since everyone in the company has other jobs, the bread process begins in the wee hours of the morning.

"You start with a wild yeast culture, and basically you are mixing that wild yeast culture into the dough and that's what produces those big air pockets," he explained.

After mixing comes kneading and shaping. From start to finish, it takes from 20-30 hours to make the bread the family sells at the Rose City Farmers Market.

"We'll work from about 3 until 6:30. Everyone shows up here and then me and Karen and Tommy usually goes with us, and we go and set up at the market and we stay until the rest of the bread is done," Blaine said.

Sola bread is a big hit at the market, selling out its always freshly baked inventory of 120 loaves each time. When the market closes for the winter, bread will be available through a subscription delivery service.

For both the families, breaking bread and baking bread is a family affair accomplished with love.

Sola Bread Company can be reached at or by calling 903-316-9648.

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