Better East Texas: Observations on the presidential debate

Better East Texas: Observations on the presidential debate

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - I had the opportunity to attend the recent Republican presidential candidate debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A few observations from the experience – first about Milwaukee. It is a medium sized city but it is not Texas. Jobs seem to be in short supply certainly less than what we are used to and it is probably a good example of the struggles that are taking place on the employment front in many areas of the country.

Now on the debate. The debate is a great tool to see the candidates side-by-side. It is an opportunity for them to express their views – unscripted – and make points that distinguish themselves for the other candidates. There are too many Republican candidates still. I suppose the slate of names will continue to contract as more candidates see their chance in this election evaporate. And there will be some political jockeying going on as the remaining candidates will seek endorsements for those that drop out.

Most of the candidates outlined their tax plans or they pointed to their website. But the debate is as much a test on the intangibles – charisma, the ability to think on your feet, clear concise communication – like it or not, these are all hallmarks of what makes an effective president. And the slate of candidates in both parties represent the whole gamut of the intangible factors.

In the world of diplomacy and negotiations, these are very important traits. Currently, the U.S. is not as respected as we once were – the past two presidents have impacted our respect grade negatively in their own ways and that needs to change with the next president.

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