Gladewater High School Has Two Bomb Threats In Two Days

Two bomb threats in two days. Gladewater high school received a call Monday and another Tuesday, both claiming bombs were at the school. Caller I.D. was blocked but police say they are hoping phone records will give them clues of where the calls were made from.

The student body waited outside while officers searched the school. Nothing was found and students were allowed back inside after first period. But today, some nervous parents took their children home.

"It is scary to the kids. The first day most of the kids were scared and calling their parents," says parent Melissa Holcomb.

"I just felt like he was concerned and I felt like better safe than sorry," says parent Renee Craft.

Police say whoever made the phone calls will face charges of making false reports. School officials are also offering a $200 reward for any information about this case.

Amy Tatum, reporting.