Longview Soldier Home From Iraq

He spent 13 months fighting in Iraq, now Sergeant Tommy Jones is finally back home in east Texas. Jones arrived home in Longview Monday night, reuniting with his three year old daughter, father and step mom.

He says he spent his time in Iraq worrying about insurgents and the danger that was all around him. But Jones says there was time for fun. The Iraqis shared some of their culture with the American soldiers, and the soldiers shared their love of sports.

"The only sport they know is football but it's really soccer. But when we talk about football, we actually showed them a football and they were like 'oh wow'. So now they have an actual team over there for football and baseball," says Jones.

Sergeant Tommy Jones is stationed in Hawaii. He'll return there in a couple of weeks.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com