Steak au poivre from David Wallace of Jake's Tyler

Steak au poivre from David Wallace of Jake's Tyler

(KLTV) - David Wallace of Jake's Tyler joined us in the kitchen to share his recipe for steak au poivre, which seems fancy and is extremely delicious, but is really very easy to make.

Steak au poivre by David Wallace

By the time we reach Thanksgiving, we have all shared many traditional Thanksgiving meals. My family is always ready to have something different. Steak au poivre is the perfect choice. Really, this dish is all about the sauce. It is quick and easy to prepare and can be served with chicken,beef, pork, or almost any meat.

You need to pan sear the meat in a hot pan, using butter and olive oil. You want the little crusty bits of caramelized  proteins, in the bottom of the pan. This is essential to the recipe. Beef tenderloin is my choice today. After cooking the meat to medium, remove and set aside. If using any meat other than beef, completely cook to 165 degrees. (DONE) Serve safe!

There is little need to measure the next ingredients. Using the same pan, saute some diced shallots, add some crushed black or mixed color peppercorns, then a little splash of Brandy or Cognac. Careful, this may ignite, while cooking. The alcohol burns off, while cooking. Finish the sauce with a touch of heavy cream and a smidgen of Dijon mustard. Serve the sauce over the steak. This is a classic French sauce. There are many variations. If you find a restaurant that will prepare it for you, be prepared to pay a little more for the dish.

Celebrate your holiday meal in a special way. You could even serve this sauce with your turkey!

You will need:


Olive oil

Shallots (just a small amount)

Peppercorns (crushed)

Brandy or Cognac (small splash)

Heavy cream (a touch)

Dijon mustard (smidgen)

Don't worry about the exact amounts, it's all good!


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