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Now You See It: Father and son leave people seeing double with costumes

(Source: KTVZ via CNN) (Source: KTVZ via CNN)

BEND, OR (KTVZ/CNN) - An Oregon father and son made a splash online with their Halloween costumes.

The costumes were so frighteningly realistic they left people seeing double. And no, not from partaking in boozy Halloween festivities. But a trick that became a treat for millions when a photo was uploaded on Reddit and went viral.

The snap shows Paul Evers and his son, Bobby Evers, transforming into each other. It's been shared on blogs, newspapers and tv shows around the world.

Now the question is, which transformation was tougher? Here's a hint, it's nothing to bat your eyes at.

"I had to wear fake eyelashes to match his eyelashes, you gotta be very careful about applying fake eyelashes," Paul said.

Who knew a little makeup would be such a hit? But there's one person who wasn't so hot on the Halloween costumes.

"My mom probably had the least amount of fun. She was very uncomfortable with the whole thing," Bobby said.

Need further proof the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? These dopplegangers do more than just swap outfits and facial hair. They work together at Crux Fermentation, the Bend brewery Paul owns.

The fame might not be enough to retire, and there might only be one person who could convince them to give up a job like this.

"We're hoping like Ellen calls," Bobby said. His father agreed.

"Yeah we're waiting for Ellen to call," Paul said.

Until then, cheers to the twins, already planning next Halloween.

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