Deputy Dollison Put On Life Support

An update on the sheriff's deputy who was critically wounded in the Smith County Courthouse shooting two Thursdays ago.

Sherman Dollison, 28, was put on life support on Saturday, according to Sheriff J.B. Smith. He's still in critical condition at Tyler's ETMC.

Sheriff Smith says Dollison is suffering from an infection and had to go on kidney dialysis. Smith says the news is not as discouraging as it sounds.

"It's a negative thing, but talking to the doctors, they say that sometimes it's common with someone that's been shot through his liver, been shot through his kidneys, been shot through his lungs, through his leg," he said. "Sure, an infection's possible. But he's hanging on. He's doing better with every day that passes. And we just keep praying for him."

A tragedy fund has been set up for Dollison's family. If you'd like to help with their medical bills, you can donate at any Southside Bank location.

Julie Tam, reporting.