7 Investigates: Despite efforts, more violations expected for City of Tyler water

7 Investigates: Despite efforts, more violations expected for City of Tyler water

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - More violations are expected to be issued for the City of Tyler's water department after recent testing performed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

TCEQ data reviewed by KLTV 7 shows testing performed in mid-October indicates that levels of haloacetic acids, a byproduct of disinfection in water treatment plants, remains above normal levels, but is on the decline.

However, TCEQ and the Environmental Protection Agency operate on an annual rolling average that takes the average of the last four quarters and those values remain over the maximum allowed by regulators.

Six total sites in the city remain over the allowed average, according to the TCEQ data.

The City of Tyler was issued a violation for the average for a reading that occurred in May 2015. The notice in October that was sent to water customers spread quickly through the community and on social media, grabbing the attention of consumer advocate Erin Brockovich, who said the city was lying to residents.

The first violation was for an average of samples that were collected from a location on Barbee Drive in south Tyler. The average in that location for quarter 3 of 2015 was 0.0623 mg/L, the average for Quarter 4 of 2015 is 0.075 mg/L.

The city acknowledged the high average reading in quarter 3, saying that it was due to high rains experienced in May leading to an elevated level of 0.126 mg/L. Since then, the levels for haloacetic acids for the location have started to fall, but still remain much higher than levels at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015.

The averages could be elevated until the second half of 2016, until the May 2015 numbers filter out of the average used by the TCEQ.

Until then, any average that exceeds the state's 0.060 mg/L maximum will require the City of Tyler to send the notice it sent to customers in October.

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