Playing like it's 1966: Mineola has a chance for perfection

Playing like it's 1966: Mineola has a chance for perfection

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - There is an East Texas team that is playing like it's 1966; the year the Mineola Yellowjackets last went undefeated in the regular season.

"We've not mentioned the number one ranking, we've not mentioned that we're undefeated. We'll talk about things, I'll say hey you know next week we're 8-0, next week we're 9-0. But it's not been like, hey we're 10-0 we're really good," Mineola Head Coach Joe Drennon said. "It's just been, hey we're at this point but we got bigger goals. Hopefully, we'll work hard enough to get there."

It's easy to believe Drennon's words about not getting too excited about an undefeated season when you remember that just last year his team made it the big dance but came home without a state title. The jackets have used that disappointment and turned it into motivation.

"Honestly it's a lot of motivation to get back to state. A lot of kids that we have on the team right now are the same kids from last year that went to state with us," said Jeremiah Crawford, Yellowjackets quarterback. "We didn't finish it off the way we should have finished it off. I think this year we have a lot better chance of finishing it off the way we want too."

"We got to take it one game at a time. There are pretty good teams in our division to come up during playoffs, and we know we're not in the spot to be right now so we got to keep working hard," Kourtland Sinches, Yellowjackets defensive end added.

While these guys are focused on finishing off their season with a state title, for now they still have to worry about finishing strong in district against the Quitman Bulldogs, a team that hasn't won a game all season.

"My speech today was I know they're 0-9, and I know all this stuff, but Quitman's a rivalry game. There is no telling it maybe raining Friday night, you never know what's going to go on," Coach Drennon said. "So if don't go prepare like you're supposed to, number one you're letting yourself down as a player, number two you're letting your team down."

If you asked these guys, they don't care who they play, as long as it's on a field and there's a football.

"That's what we look forward to when we go out here and bust our butts off. Hopefully every Friday night we come home with a win," said Sinches.

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