Better East Texas: The sad state of writing in America

Better East Texas: The sad state of writing in America

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - First we see the death of cursive writing and now the erosion of the proper use of some very common words.

The expansion of standardized testing, the use of computers in the classroom instead of the spiral notebook, and other factors have led to a near extinction of teaching cursive writing in public schools. This trend has fostered the death of the Big Chief Tablet as tradition has been replaced by technology.

It is sad to see this because the art of writing is suffering as well. Along with creative writing, the rules of proper written communication are broken in every segment of society. I can't tell you how often I receive press releases, formal announcements and, of course, casual compositions that misuse some very common words.

Words like there and they're, the contraction for they are, and their, a possessive pronoun, are butchered in today's communication.  We don't have time to try to address your and you're.  Blame it on autocorrect or a lack of attention, or more likely just laziness, but we have gone backwards in the arena of proper word usage.

You probably see it regularly, too, that's t-o-o,  in emails, texts, and social media posts, which are the worst. Perhaps speech-to-text will evolve and help us all on this front – but it is still a sad statement on the condition of our writing ability as a culture.

It seems like this is the tip of an iceberg that will sink effective communication.

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