Better East Texas: American people are fed up with a divided Congress

Better East Texas: American people fed up with divided Congress

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Congressman Paul Ryan become the Speaker of the House for the republican led House of Representatives.

Ryan was voted into the position by members of Congress and took over for the departing John Boehner. You would think that there would be an amount of jubilation across the republicans, but there is only cautious optimism. For Paul Ryan just to enter the race for speaker, he had to be convinced he had the support of many of the far right in the party.

This is the same group that became a thorn in the side of John Boehner and probably was the reason he left office. He was unable to build any kind of effective like-minded consortium in the Republicans in Congress. And so we begin the era of the Ryan House, which even he has admitted is broken. He was able to secure a majority of Republicans in his election to Speaker with a few notable exceptions including our own Congressman, Louie Gohmert.

I understand that Congressman Gohmert had thrown his support to Daniel Webster of Florida but we need Congress to unite – even if it is only the two parties that unite in their own way to move the model of governing forward. The American people are fed up with divided Republicans because that division has neutered the effectiveness of Congress. So perhaps the Paul Ryan's tenure is the first step.

I hope that Congressman Gohmert finds some common ground with the Ryan agenda and that he has a voice in developing it. It is important for our system of government and will make for a Better East Texas.

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