Better East Texas: Prayer in schools

Better East Texas: Prayer in schools

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A school district in Washington State has a football coach that has a controversial post-game tradition.

Coach Joe Kennedy, a veteran of Dessert Storm and Dessert Shield has a tradition he has been partaking in for years – he prays at midfield after each game. Some football players started joining him voluntarily in the center of the field and the practice caught the eyes of the school district which sent a letter to the coach asking him to end the pray tradition or face termination.

The district was afraid that the coach's prayer action would open the district up to a lawsuit. Someone in the district needs to grow a backbone or at least have a little common sense. The fear of a fight or the fear of offending has wiped our schools clean of any acknowledgment of a Creator.

We have neutered school leaders, teachers, administrators to the point that schools are void of character and moral training – let alone any spiritual guidance. And it is showing up in our children's behavior and development. The action of a coach praying at mid-field after a game is not hurting anyone.

Anyone can choose to join that action and anyone can choose to ignore it and walk away. It is that simple. The Congressional Prayer Caucus is even attempting to intervene by protesting the district's warning to the coach. We need more coaches like Coach Kennedy that are not afraid of expressing their beliefs in a way others can embrace or move on and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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