Proud of East Texas: Serenity Horse Haven

Proud of East Texas: Serenity Horse Haven

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Most people will agree that horses are one of the most magnificent creatures ever created by God. However, many are starved and mistreated by their owners. That's where Ron and Michelle Beaver come in.

Whatever the condition of horses when they arrive at Serenity Horse Haven, the care and nurturing they get soon changes their lives.

"Some of them have been starved, some of them have been beaten. Some recover faster than others. Some recover physically real quick, and emotionally they take awhile to trust people again," said Ron.

Serenity is a non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary, just south of Canton. Horses that can be rehabilitated are available for adoption, while others are just cared for and loved.

Every horse has a story, like Star, who is completely blind.

"She was in a pasture with barbed wire fences, and the other horses were running her into the fences and the owners just couldn't take care of her anymore and keep her safe." Ron said.

Just like people, horses can have best friends, and for Star, there is Willow, who had been found running loose with welts on her back from constant beatings.

"She's the perfect companion to Star, who's blind," Ron said. "Because she'll take Star to where the food is, water is, and she's her protector."

Many of the horses are here simply because they're no longer wanted by their owners. Warrior was picked up at an auction simply because no one wanted him. Missy is still grief stricken after losing her foal.

"This is Nelly. Nelly was a road runner and basically that means she was a stray that had been turned out on the road," he said.

The Beavers opened Serenity in 2010. The facility operates purely on private donations, and is on a 100% volunteer basis. The Beavers often have covered expenses out of pocket when donations don't meet expenses.

For them, the payback is in the welfare of the horses.

"It's just that joy of working with them and see what they turn into once we get them recovered and rehabilitated, and get them ready for adoption," Ron explained.

And for those who can't be adopted, like Star, Ron says they can be sure of love and care, always.

"This is home that she knows, and we'll keep her here for as long as she's alive," he said.

For more information on Serenity Horse Haven, go to or call 903-287-0010.

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