East Texas Woman Looking For Help With Neighbors Loud Animals

Krista says she is tired of hearing roosters crowing and dogs barking from her neighbor's animals.

"There is a major problem with the animals. There is fowl, that constantly crow all of the time, we have no peace inside our home, nor outside our home. There's a dog that howls constantly, and he wakes us up in the middle of the night, including the baby. And that's hard enough as it is. Fleas are all in my yard, and I don't even have animals."

So Krista called Smith County to ask for help. But because lives in what is called the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction, or ETJ, the county told her to call the city. She didn't find help there either.

"Within 5000 feet of our city limits, a city may choose to go out and fully to the full extent of the law enforce environmental regulations. 95 % of the cities in Texas won't do that because we've got all we can handle within the city limits with our environmental control crew," says Tyler City Manager, Bob Turner.

Notice the law says may . That means the even though the Krista's neighbors may be violating a noise nuisance ordinance, the city can choose not to take action against them.

"Could the city make an exception and go out there and take care of that, yes we could. But here's what happens. If you do it for one, then the rule is established and now you must do it for all," says Turner.

Something Mr. Turner says the city can't afford to do on their current budget. He then points out Smith County has a litter abatement officer to help with situations like these.

"The county has jurisdictional authority in places where the city does not. They can come inside the city limits for things that are environmental in nature, we can't go outside"

The problem is, the county doesn't have any ordinances against animals making noise or people keeping fowl. For now, Krista is still wondering where to turn.

"I'm in the ETJ, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if I live within 5000 feet of the city limits. I'm in the county, the county supposed to handle it, the county tells me they've done all they can. You try to have a home, you try to raise your kids, you try to have just a litter bit of peace and quiet, but you can't have that," says Krista.

Reporting: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com