Regional Bishop Visits Longview

A methodist bishop is on the road visiting over 700 churches in Texas, and was in Longview today. Bishop "Janice Huie", the first female bishop to visit every church in the Texas methodist conference. A native Texan , Huie became a methodist bishop in 1996, and became the first female leader of the Texas annual conference of the united methodist church, but seeing the need to know her fellow methodists, she decided to visit all of the 740 churches in Texas.

"Well it's exciting its fun, its a little on the exhausting side at this point , I've visited nearly 700 methodist churches in this conference" Huie says.

In a whirlwind tour shes often stopped at 4 or 5 churches a day, staying to offer her vision for the church in the future, and taking questions from congregations.

"My goal in doing this in part is to help revitalize and renew the churches of the conference and these trips really help me understand where do the pryorities need to be not only for me but for the church" she says.

She visited "Greggton United" today, and did what she says she does best, listened to people in her own denomination. She's determined not to be some faceless name on the wall of the methodist churches hierarchy of leadership, she wants them to know who she is, and she wants to know who they , down to the last member.

"I want to learn more about this area it's history, who lives here what its future appears to be".

Huie finishs her east Texas trip on March the 9th. Bob Hallmark reporting.