Freedom Fighters: Mary Lou Palmore

Mary Lou Palmore not only had the looks and personality of a poster girl when she was chosen as "Rosie The Riveter" during World War II. She really knew how to do the job. Mary Lou learned about blueprints and sheet metal at a government trade school in Tulsa, Oklahoma and for a time worked at Spartin Aircraft.

In 1944, Mary Lou enlisted in the Aircorps and became an Air WAC. She was chosen to work as a recruiter. But it wasn't long before her riveting skills were in demand to repair B17's and B29's that had been damaged in battle.

After the war, Mary Lou married her sailor sweetheart, John Paden, and moved to Texas where she has remained active in Veterans affairs. Mary Lou Palmore Paden's career as "Rosie The Riveter" is featured at the Rosie The Riveter National Park, in Berkley, California, forever a symbol of American Women and their fight for our freedom.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.