Hundreds Turn Out For Maribel Estrada's Funeral

They showed up hours before the funeral even began. And with every passing minute, cars filled the parking lot and lined the streets.

So many family members and friends showed up at the Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, the church did not have enough room. They came from at least three different states and Mexico, Maribel Estrada's home country.

"All the people that remember her, that are here to support her kids, that are the ones that need the most support now," a family friend, who wishes not to be identified, said.

Maribel's oldest son, David Arroyo, Jr., was released from the hospital Friday, just in time to be at his mother's funeral. He was wounded in last Thursday's shooting, when his father killed his mother, during a bitter dispute over child support.

Maribel's uncle says it's a tragedy things turned so violent.

"She was happy with her marriage and happy with her children, at first, although later, things started to break down," Esteban Velazquez said.

He says he wishes his niece could have been better protected from her ex-husband.

The anonymous family friend says Maribel always looked out for her kids.

"I know that from up above, she'll be watching over them," she said. "She was a nice person. That's all we can just remember her by that. She was a nice person."

"She was always serious, very educated, quiet, a great person," Velazquez said. "That's what I can say as her uncle."

Early this evening, Maribel's closest relatives carried her casket. And dozens of cars made their way out to lay her to rest.

Maribel was buried at Liberty Hill Gardens Cemetery.

If you would like to help her family, a tragedy fund has been set up for her three children. You can make a donation in the name of David Arroyo, Jr. at any Southside Bank location.

Julie Tam, reporting.