Charities Receive Hefty Donation From Dream Home Tour Proceeds

The HGTV Dream Home is helping to make some dreams come true for a few East Texas charities. Friday, partners of The Reserve at Lake Tyler and the HGTV Dream Home presented

$100,000 to four East Texas charities. $25,000 each went to CASA for Kids of East Texas, the East Texas Crisis Center, Habitat for Humanity and Living Alternatives.

The money was raised through ticket proceeds from the Dream Home tours. The charities said the money will go a long way in continuing to serve East Texas.

"For the first time ever, we have been here since 1990, we have not been able to serve all the children as the guardian at light," said Reggie Durch, Executive Director of CASA for Kids of East Texas. "So this is going to help us get on what we call the right road to serving children."

"We are so excited," said Heather Hughey, Director of Development for Habitat for Humanity. "We are so lucky to get this. It costs $45,000 for us to build a home so this is more than half a house which is amazing. So we're very lucky."

For the charities, more money is on the way. Tours of the Dream Home continue until April 14th. The rest of the proceeds will be donated to the same charities at a later date.
So far, more than 20,000 visitors have stopped to take a peak at the dream home.

Officials said it's a record for any HGTV Dream Home in the country.

Maya Golden reporting,