Better East Texas: Closing the chapter on Calvert

Better East Texas: Closing the chapter on Calvert

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It was hard not to be mesmerized by the murder trial of James Calvert, the Tyler man convicted recently for murdering his ex-wife.

Calvert also kidnapped his son and fled to Louisiana in what turned out to be a tragically twisted case. Calvert represented himself for most of the trial and the entire process showed how one person can make a mockery of our criminal justice process.

Every accused person has the right to represent himself and Calvert took advantage of that right, but it was at that point that the trial process went horribly wrong for Calvert, because of himself. Judge Jack Skeen Jr. seems to have done his best to keep the trial moving, but Calvert repeatedly refused to respect the court that ultimately held his fate.

Calvert had to be restrained and ultimately electrically shocked for not obeying court orders. And finally, he lost the right to represent himself. He now faces the ultimate punishment of death by lethal injection. This was, in its own, way a victory for the justice system where there are provisions to address the ridiculous tactics used by Calvert to distract and delay appropriate justice.

Through all the antics, the judge, prosecution and especially the jury maintained their focus. This will not bring Calvert's victim, Jelena Sririman, back but it is a testimony to our system of justice that gives the accused solid rights and that, in the end, is fair and the best system in the world.

In this case, our system honored the memory of the victim and will send a killer to his final destination.

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