Gift of Love: Alejandro

Gift of Love: Alejandro

It was an afternoon of fair food for Alejandro and me.  His favorite dessert is cheesecake so of course he had to taste the fried cheesecake.

This 17-year-old can be quiet and thoughtful, and sometimes slow to open up, but once he has something to say, he's honest, logical and advocates well for himself.  The bilingual junior in high school says he wants to go to college at the University of Texas at Austin and hopes to get a degree in nursing.

"I took care of my family you know and I like to take care of people," Alejandro said.

As for his extra curricular activities, Alejandro enjoys a variety things.

"I take a welding class and weight class, weight room, heavy lifting," Alejandro said.

He enjoys playing basketball, walking and hiking, camping in rustic places, and would love to be able to travel and explore new places.
"I'd want to go to Amsterdam....Florida, Miami, Italy, Europe, Russia," Alejandro said.

He also enjoys crossword puzzles and board games, listening to music, and cooking, especially cooking traditional Mexican dishes. Alejandro is a very creative artist, using whatever media is at hand, and can express his emotions very powerfully through his artwork, as well as showing appreciation for the people he cares about by making them art pieces.

Alejandro has an adult sister that he would like to continue to see. He also says he would love a forever family that lives in the city.

"I'd like a father and a mother. Maybe younger siblings and a pet," Alejandro said.

Alejandro says he really wants a dog of his own. But most of all, Alejandro wants a family to show him the Gift of Love.

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