Woman Hides Drugs In Baby's Diaper

Three people are in custody in Harrison County after a traffic stop produces a shocking discovery. Deputies found a woman hiding drugs in the diaper of an infant. Deputies stopped a car for speeding on I-20 near the Hallsville exit just after midnight Tuesday.

24-year-old Timothy Little, 24-year-old Arisa Henderson, and 23-year-old Quincy Mouton all from Oklahoma, were taken into custody on a number of charges ranging from possession of firearms to possession of a controlled substance.

Deputies were shocked to find that bags of cocaine and methamphetamine were concealed in the diaper of a 5-month-old baby. Another child, a two year old boy, was also in riding with the group.

The three adults are in the Harrison County jail. The children were turned over to CPS workers until they can be in the custody of relatives.