Noonday Residents Upset Over Trashing of Their Streets

Another location in East Texas is being trashed, and neighbors are pleading with folks to stop littering.

It is on a stretch of County Road 196 in Noonday. That's just east of Highway 155 and south of Saline Creek Road in Smith County.

Drivers have carelessly tossed trash and even some personal belongings out while traveling down the road.  County Road 196 leads to a small neighborhood full of folks who love the scenery of the countryside, but not what they see today.

Resident Sylvia Wierick: "We see beautiful areas with just as many residents and gorgeous landscapes, and it is not trashed up like this. I just do not understand this. Whether it's a mindset of East Texans, I'd like not to believe that. I'd like to think it's not a mindset, but it is a problem."