Better East Texas: Getting involved in our children's education

Better East Texas: Getting involved in our children's education

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Textbooks have long been the center point for our children's learning.

Controversy and high emotion emerges occasionally when text books are updated as it is possible for history and even societal norms to be poorly defined or inaccurately reflected in textbooks. Such was the case recently when a Pearland student noticed that slaves brought to the U.S. were described as workers and immigrants.

Obviously that was not the case and the mother of the student took to social media to point out the error. McGraw-Hill Education, the company that produced the textbook, did the right thing and quickly apologized, changed the digital version of the book and offered to provide stickers to be placed in the hard copies of the book. But how can something like this happen as we have the State Board of Education and numerous public hearings offering up review of textbooks?

With this mistake, what other mistakes must exist as well? I applaud the student, mother and the company but we, as a society, seem to believe things like this are not a big deal until they come out in the news or social media. We say we care about our kids' education and yet we don't review textbooks, we typically don't participate in PTA's and we place blind trust in our government and school systems to be responsible for our most precious resource - our children, and these groups have proven they cannot do it alone.

Perhaps this textbook error will cause a few people to act and get involved, but honestly, we need hundreds – thousands – to act and get involved and only then will we make for a Better East Texas.

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