Teens Secret Online Lingo

Children today often speak a language parents don't understand.

"We talk way different," says 13 year old Mary Ngyuen.

Teens even speak a different language online. It's a type of shorthand.

N/M means nevermind.

LYL means love you lots.

H*1/4 means love you later.

But not all of the shorthand your children may be using is so innocent? Have you ever seen you child type something like this NIFOC. It means naked in front of the computer. Kids can type shorthand messages right in front of their parents and often times mom and dad are clueless to what it means.

"There are lots of things I don't understand, says Glenn English the parent of a 12 year old girl.

We showed him  a list of common shorthand teens use and he was shocked.

Several of them terms like TDTM -- talk dirty to me, GYPO -- get your pants off,  and POS -- parent over shoulder scared him.

"It actually surprised me. I thought it was pretty innocent,  but with things like this, I think it is wise for parents to get educate," he says.

Because the more you know about what your children are typing, the more you can protect them from strangers lurking on line.

Michelle Mortenson, reporting - mmortenson@kltv.com