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Pit Bull Misconception

New information in Tuesday's SPCA dog rescue. The SPCA says they rescued 46 dogs. Several were injured and the SPCA is doing everything they can to help the dogs heal. Most of the dogs rescued yesterday were very friendly toward the SPCA workers.

Many East Texas pit bull owners admit the dogs can be very nice even though they are fighting dogs. Debbie Townsend says her 2 year old pit bull Titan, is very gentle and would never hurt anyone. She says pit bulls are loving animals.

"I think the few bad people have done bad things and developed a reputation. It is breed prejudice and a vast majority of pits have never done anything bad in their life," says Debbie Townsend a pit bull owner.

"It's amazing how kind and gentle they can be with people but you have to make sure you have them in a right environment," says Gayle Helms with the Smith County Humane Society.

Gayle Helms with the Smith County Humane Society says pit bulls are naturally aggressive with other dogs but are only aggressive toward humans if they are taught to be.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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