The Drought is Over: West Rusk is back to play

The Drought is Over: West Rusk is back to play

OVERTON, TX (KLTV) - It's no secret, that there has been somewhat of a drought for west rusk football. But like the first drops of the rain season the raiders have announced their comeback by quenching the thirst of fans with win after win.

"Our energy, the passion for the game has went up dramatically from the last couple of years. We just want to win. It's really that simple," said Dee Starling, Raiders quarterback.

Simple is as simple does, and right now simple for the raiders is outscoring their opponents by 141 points.

"I think that this team could challenge anybody," said Starling.

"If we can make a game physical, I feel like we can win any game, if we make it a physical game and play our type of football," said Nick Ballard, Raiders running back.

"We have to take it one week at a time. But if we focus on the team we're playing and keep putting in hard work, I believe that no one can stop us," said Alex Andrews, center.

That confidence stems from the raiders being 5-0 for the first time since 2010. A big part of that success comes from their two dimensional, dynamic offense that's hard for any defense to stop.

"We can score points in a hurry. We got a good back and a great offensive line, great receivers. Just everyone putting in work. It makes it easy on me and everyone else on the defense," said Starling.

"The receivers have been blocking well down field, and my lineman they care just as much as I do about working hard. They led the way and I just run," said Ballard.

And while this team is averaging almost 40 points a game. The method to their madness is not being greedy but just doing the fundamentals of football correctly.

"You see the state championship teams now, they pass for 70 yards at a time. We're focused on more of getting the five and six yard runs up the gut," said Andrews.

"We have talent at every position, we have backups that can do stuff. We don't have one certain superstar as a team. Anyone can do anything on any given night," said Ballard.

As the season presses on, there seems to be one common feature about these teams that have a dominating presence. Trust. Trust in the guy playing next to them, and the guy on the other side of the ball standing on the sideline ready to play just as hard.

"We're really tight and we're really close. And that's what makes it go, is we can connect very well," said Ballard.

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