Public Relations Expert Testifies In Michael Jackson Trial

. A public relations specialist hired to repair Michael Jackson's tarnished image continues testifying today at the singer's trial.

Ann Marie Kite says she was hired after the 2003 telecast of a documentary in which Jackson defended sharing his bed with children.

Earlier yesterday, jurors watched the film. It was made when the entertainer and the boy who now accuses him of molestation were celebrating the youngster's recovery from cancer. But at the end, filmmaker Martin Bashir (buh-SHEER') calls Jackson "obsessive" about children.

After the screening, the defense peppered Bashir with questions. He refused to answer many, citing the California law that protects journalists from testifying about material not used in their final reports.

The judge could still decide the law doesn't cover the questions asked, and cite Bashir for contempt.

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