El Paso Chile Company Quesadilla Maker: "Does It Work?"

They're supposed to be a Mexican food appetizer. But these days, quesadillas are served in local restaurants as entire meals. And why not? The portions are certainly large enough. That's why we were intrigued by a product called the El Paso Chile Company Quesadilla Maker. And this week, we put it and the concept of making quesadillas at home, to the "Does It work?" test.

You can't miss the box. It's pretty colorful and promises the product inside delivers restaurant quality quesadillas in 4-5 minutes.

This thing is even better looking than on the box. We picture it as the centerpiece of a Mexican style quesadilla party, maybe a make your own party.

There's a recipe book, but we've already bought a bunch of stuff, so we'll just wing it. We start out with a 10 inch tortilla, some shredded cheddar/jack Mexican cheese and some green onions. The contents go on the first tortilla and the second tortilla covers our creation.

In the quesadilla maker it goes and we close the lid and latch it. It's kind of like a George Foreman grill. You could call it the Jorge Foreman Grill, maybe!

Four minutes later we had a great slightly golden quesadilla. It's all in one piece but the quesadilla maker has scored the lines where we should cut to get six even triangles. The scoring does more than that though. It also seals each edge of the triangles so the stuff inside doesn't leak out after you cut them out.

We made several more with great success. Some had fajita meat and mushrooms inside.

Clean up was a breeze. The machine even has a drip tray that catches any grease or melted cheese.

"Does It Work?" We give it a "yes."

The El Paso Chile Company Quesadilla Maker is available at Linens 'N Things for around $20.