Lee's Football Team Honored In Austin

The Texas Senate took time out today to pass house committee resolution 21, "congratulating the Red Raiders football team of Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler on winning the state Class 5A Division I football championship". The Red Raiders were in Austin for the announcement. HCR21 was authored by state representative Leo Berman and sponsored by State Senator Kevin Eltife, who addressed the Senate this afternoon.

"Those of us in Tyler waited over 40 years for Robert E. Lee High to win a state championship," Eltife told the Senate. "And I'm here to tell you something. We are as proud of these young men off the field as we are on the field. The way they have displayed their character and integrity in our community has really inspired all of us, and so we are proud to have them here today in the south gallery."

The Red Raiders were treated to lunch in Austin and were given a tour of the University of Texas facilities.

Kevin Berns reporting.