Investigators Find Another Gun, Overwhelming Amount Of Ammunition In Arroyo's Truck

The Tyler Police Department released Monday afternoon their findings in to the weapons David Hernandez Arroyo, Sr., was carrying with him the day of his deadly rampage at the Smith County Courthouse.

In Arroyo's truck, investigators say they found one SKS Variant Mac-90 semi-automatic rifle with a loaded magazine and one bullet in the chamber. This is the weapon police say Arroyo used during his rampage.

Investigators also found a Remington Model 7 .243 bolt action deer rifle with a scope, fully loaded with 5 rounds. This gun was never used.

Four magazines were also found in Arroyo's truck. These would have been used with the Mac-90. There was one empty 40 round magazine and an empty 30 round magazine. Police also found two loaded 30 round magazines. It was in boxes that police discovered 180 rounds and 10 loose rounds.

Back at the Smith County Courthouse, the scene of the shootings investigators found 65 empty casings.

Tyler Police confirmed that a search of Arroyo's home was conducted last week. Those findings could be released on Tuesday.

Maya Golden reporting,