SPCA Rescues 30 Abused Dogs

"There is approximately 30 pit bulls out here. Half of them are in need of medical attention. We've got animals that are starving, grossly underweight. Your heart has to go out to them because they have no options. They have no where to go. They are chained with these big huge chains, tied out here, several with no shelter at all. How does a person do that?"

That's the question Dave Garcia with the SPCA has for the three people arrested Tuesday for animal abuse in Anderson County.

Kimberly Deyon, Johnny Beavers, and Hubert Carter were picked up this morning by Anderson County Sheriff Deputies. When authorities arrived, they found dozens of mutilated dogs.

Many of the dogs here have had their ears cut off possibly with razors. The SPCA says that's a sign they were used for fighting.

"A lot of the scarring is consistent with dog fighting, cause it is on head, front shoulder, legs and ears. Everything was forward which shows these dogs were fought against other dogs," Says Dave Garcia.

They would fight to the death and then be thrown into the woods. Carcasses, mixed with trash, lay all around these animals, a sight that sickened several of the people fighting to save these dogs.

"It saddens me. It is sick to see them chained up and their life is for them to get torn up but by rescuing the animals today, the SPCA feels they are giving these animals a chance for a better life," says Sheriff Greg Taylor.

All of the dogs rescued today will be taken to the SPCA in Dallas. There they will be treated for injuries and adopted to good homes.