Better East Texas: Don't fall for Facebook hoax

Better East Texas: Don't fall for Facebook hoax

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Many of us use Facebook as a prime communication tool. The platform has become an incredibly powerful source for information and social sharing.

I am reminded also that Facebook is not immune to the numerous hoaxes of the digital world. You have probably seen someone recently or perhaps you have even posted the legitimate looking copyright protection notice that is supposed to preserve any ownership rights you have to content you post.

Well, it is a hoax.

You own everything you post on Facebook. They can use it but you own it and that is the fact in regard to this. This is sad also because it reveals that just about anyone can be fooled by legitimate looking news sites and sources that post lies about celebrities and, especially this time of year, politicians.

It reminds me of the old National Enquirer days where you would see a shocking headline in print and you'd think, it must be true – or contain at least a little truth to be printed, right? Well today, the social media world and the web are full of false prophets, spammers and just folks that want to spread lies and it is shocking how many smart people buy into those lies without even questioning the source.

It is frustrating because media companies and TV stations get attacked similarly as well – through lies. So before you share, post, or forward that Enquirer-like shocking headline that seems unbelievable, think again and refuse to be a part of the problem by keeping it going.

It will keep our news feeds a little cleaner and make for a Better East Texas.

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