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The Apache Way: TJC football continues to hold spot in top ten national ranking

Coach Danny Palmer watching practice Coach Danny Palmer watching practice

“I think we’re a very good football team, I like our players. At times we’re very, very good,” said Danny Palmer, TJC Head Coach.  

Since the first of September, TJC football has been moving around the top ten in the national rankings, while averaging 55 points a game. So when Coach Palmer says they’re good, he isn’t bluffing.

“Every week, and every day, we work hard. So we have to take it one day at a time,” said Buddy Tuamasaga, Apaches tight end.

Apart of that process is strength and conditioning, which is the main focus of Monday morning workouts. Because as we all know football is a physical sport.

“And at any point in time, any one of the teams can beat you. It’s happened before. We got to go to the next week and we got to prepare,” said Coach Palmer.

But when the Apaches are preparing, it’s not for national rankings. Instead, this team is truly focused on just winning the next football game.

“Winning the game is more important. We don’t worry about no ranking none of that,” said Sederian Copeland, Apaches quarterback.

“We don’t really focus on the rankings. We just focus on the next game, the next game after the next game,” said Deion Guignard, Apaches free safety.

Spending the morning with this Apache team, it became clear that what’s great about this group of athletes is their not worried about their ranking, winning record, or their athleticism. What makes this team successful is its ability to keep having fun, despite coach being a typical coach and wanting just a little more out of his team.

“Really protecting the football, and finishing plays. I think that’s very important. Sometimes we don’t finish a play, we let up a little bit running through the football. Or we let up a little bit running to a kickoff. But, the group that I have now, the group that we have on our football team traveling, I really like them. I really like their behavior, I like their focus, and I’m really proud of them,” said Coach Palmer.

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