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One-pound baby survives birth at sea

Haiden Morgan was born three months early more than 100 miles out at sea. (Source: ABC via Pathfire) Haiden Morgan was born three months early more than 100 miles out at sea. (Source: ABC via Pathfire)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (ABC/PATHFIRE) - It's being hailed as a miracle at sea. A baby born on a cruise ship, more than three months early and weighing about a pound.

Twenty-three-week-old Haiden Morgan was born more than 100 miles out at sea and 14 hours from land.

"I knew that this was the true labor pains and I was going to have this baby," Emily Morgan said.

Morgan was two days out at sea on a cruise with her husband and 3-year-old daughter when she suddenly went into labor. The baby weighed just over one and a half pounds, his little hands the size of quarters.

Doctors braced the Morgans, telling them their son was unlikely to survive.

"I was basically just trying to stay strong and really focus on Emily," Chase Morgan said.

But Emily was determined, her maternal instinct kicking in, and she insisted on seeing her baby.

"All I wanted was just to see him," she said.

Meeting him for the first time she saw his pink skin and heard him breathing and said she knew he was a survivor.

As the captain raced to shore, the Morgans and the medical staff fought to keep the baby alive, wrapping him in towels and heated saline packets,
creating a makeshift incubator.

"I'm going to do everything possible. I don't want to live with any regret," Emily said.

They reached land with no time to spare.

"It was a miracle to push through that and he was a fighter," Emily said.

Haiden remains hospitalized, but the family is hopeful he will be released by late December  -- his original due date.

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