Making college campuses safer should be a priority

Making college campuses safer should be a priority

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - One of the most anxious moments in a parent's life is when their daughter of son moves out on their own.

For many, that move is buffered a little bit when the student moves to a college campus. The assumption, on the parents' part, is that the precious child will still have some oversight and ultimately will be in a relatively safe but independent environment. But that may not truly be the case.

Results from a recent study showed that one in four undergraduate women were sexually assaulted while enrolled in school – that is 25 percent. At The University of Texas and Texas A&M, the percentages were a little lower but still nearly 20 percent. This is alarming and one that colleges and universities should call a crisis and mobilize to address. We must provide a safe environment for our kids.

Now, critics will say that there are many variables possibly at play here in the way students responded to the study, but even if this is 75 percent accurate, there is a huge problem. And honestly, even one sexual assault is too many. Ultimately it is the college environment that has allowed this to become a problem and these institutions must move to correct it through better safety measures, stricter penalties, and ultimately an improved culture around what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior.

Making our college campuses safer so students focus on learning is paramount and will make for a Better East Texas.

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