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DA's Office Releases Courthouse Shooting Video

Video of Thursday's deadly shooting rampage was captured moment to moment by a surveillance camera near the Smith County Courthouse back door.

The video was released Monday morning from the Smith County District Attorney's office. District Attorney Matt Bingham was with KLTV 7's Maya Golden to gain a better understanding of what exactly takes places in the video . We warn you, the video is graphic and violent in nature.

It was 1:28 PM Thursday afternoon. Movement around the courthouse seemed normal. In an instant that all changed, as David Hernandez Arroyo, Senior's ex-wife Maribel and their oldest son, David Jr., approached the courthouse steps.

"Maribel and her son, right here, have just shown up, and the shooter is over here," explained Bingham. "He just shot Maribel, you'll see him walking in that corner right there."

"In that corner you see him walking. He's still firing and now beginning to walk this way. Other people at the courthouse are now running in. He's just gone back to the right."

In the video, Arroyo never seemed to run, only pace. That's when officers begin to respond.

"Sherman Dollison, a Deputy Sheriff, will come out this door and here he is, he's going out to engage the suspect to protect these individuals and the people in the courthouse. There he goes and the shooter is now over here and you can see he's being shot at. Sherman Dollison's just been shot."
Deputy Dollison was shot four times. Arroyo continued to spray the courthouse with bullets.

"(Deputy) Alan Langston who went out also, is already coming back in. He's already shot at him and blown out the glass. There's the killer right there. He moves back. Deputy Langston will run in the back door in here just a minute. He's still out there being fired at and returning fire. Here's the killer walking back."

It's at that point, off camera, a good Samaritan, Mark Wilson, would attempt to stop Arroyo's rampage.

"You can see the killer here, walking back towards his car, just in seconds, Mark Wilson who heroically engaged in shooting the suspect, is now being shot at this point. Mark Wilson is obviously an individual who pulled his handgun and tried to shoot the defendant to save other people lives," Bingham said.

"This has been going on now for approximately 40 seconds. This is detective Clay Perrett, Lieutenant Suell, this right here is Mike Strickland with the sheriff's office. Marlin Suell has just been shot right here. Mike Strickland is out of bullets and moving back. Clay Perrett's still firing. He's just hit."

"The suspect is still firing at this point. All the windows at the back of the courthouse our broken from his bullets. Here comes Jim Castle, an investigator with the DA's office. See him still firing as the suspect drives away right there and they are engaging him."

"Here comes Deputy Carlton from the 114th (court) bailiff and Marlin Suell is back up again and he gets up and tries to follow him at that point."

"(Arroyo) was still firing at law enforcement as he drove by and that continued until the point where they were able to shoot the suspect."

It all took place in less than four minutes. District Attorney Bingham said law officials released the tape to show how quickly officers responded to the scene.

"They prevented this defendant, this killer from getting in to the back of the courthouse. This is why the courthouse is not breached because of the efforts of these officers."

Matt Bingham said as part of the investigation, officials continue to look in to where David Hernandez Arroyo, Sr. purchased the gun he used and the body armor he was wearing. They are also awaiting autopsy and toxicology reports.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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