911 Tapes Give Second-By-Second Account Of Tyler Shooting

Dispatch: 911. Do you have an emergency for police, fire, or ambulance?

Caller: Police.

Dispatch: What happened, ma'am?

Caller: Fire shots at the courthouse on North Spring Street.

Dispatch: Do you see anything?

Caller: Yes. (scream in background) I can't hear you.

Dispatch: Did you see anything?

Caller: There's policemen coming out the back door. I think one might have been hit. He's on the ground.

Dispatch: Somebody's on the ground?

Caller: Several people down.

The gunman's ex-wife, Maribel Estrada, is dead. Their son, David Arroyo, Jr., injured. And Smith County Sheriff's Deputy Sherman Dollison is shot multiple times.

Caller: He's down. He is down.

Dispatch: Ok, we're on the way.

Caller: (gunfire in background) He is at...

Dispatch: Hold on, hold on, ma'am. Hold on.

Caller: Automatic weapon. He is at the back door shooting at these people.

Calls flood 911 dispatch one after the other. By now, police officers are on their way, and dispatchers are trying to get a description of the suspect.

Dispatch: What kind of vehicle is he in?

Caller: He's in a maroon truck. And he's about to shoot somebody.

Dispatch: Stay on the phone with me. Let me talk to him.

Caller: Maroon truck, and he's getting in the truck now, backing out. He's killing somebody right now.

Mark Wilson, an innocent bystander shooting back at the gunman, is shot in the head. Meanwhile, another dispatcher takes this call.

Dispatch: Where is he now?

Caller (frantic): I'm in, uh, uh, I'm in...

Dispatch: Can you see what he's wearing?

Caller: (yelling in background: Come here!) Come on! Um, oh, I see a police dying over there. They're having a red truck. And one is wearing a black jacket, a black pants. The other one... (yelling in background: Look, look!) Oh, my God! The other one is wearing a red... Oh, they killed him!

Dispatch: The other one's wearing what?

Caller: (yelling in background) Ok, no, no, no, no! (unintelligible) I know, I know!

Dispatch: Do you know if anyone's been hurt?

Caller: Yes, a guy. They shot him probably in the head.

Then, this call from the first floor of the courthouse, where Deputy Dollison was working before he ran outside to confront the gunman.

Caller: Ma'am, this is Kelly Harley, the coordinator for County Court-At-Law Number 2.

Dispatch: Yes.

Caller: And we're getting shot at.

Dispatch: We're on the way. We're trying to get the guy.

Caller: Our bailiff has been shot.

Dispatch: We've got ambulance and fire on the way.

Caller: Ok.

Dispatch: Where is he now?

Caller (choking up): He's outside the back.

Dispatch: The bailiff's outside the back door?

Caller: I think he went out... He's been shot. They're going to need an ambulance.

Dispatch: Ok, we've got them on the way, ok?

Caller: Ok.

Dispatch noise: Suspect down, suspect down...

In all, Tyler police and the Smith County 911 Center received nearly 130 calls about the shooting during one hour on Thursday. The 911 Center's three dispatchers made more than 470 outgoing calls to different agencies asking for help.

Julie Tam, reporting.