Cheap laughs lead to costly problems for 'The View'

Cheap laughs lead to costly problems for 'The View'

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Perhaps you have heard of the situation with several co-hosts of the daytime talk show, The View, seen right here each weekday?

Two of the co-hosts, Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, started dissecting the Miss America pageant, specifically the talent portion of the pageant. In an effort to garner a few laughs, Behar and Collins were very critical of Miss Colorado who used her talent segment to deliver a monologue about nurses.

The View co-hosts were very condescending and really laughed at the contestant and even questioned why she had a "doctor's stethoscope". Well, nurses from around the country have rallied and have pledged to boycott The View and how could you blame them? And, on the business side of the show, multiple advertisers have pulled their national support.

Now, the co-hosts of the View have every right to speak their mind but they have to realize that nurses are a fierce group, dedicated to their profession like few others and, when you offend one, you truly poke the bear and offend millions. The advertiser reaction also speaks volumes as to fact that Behar and Collins were wrong in their criticism, just to get a laugh or two.

It is refreshing to see that there still are a few societal standards that cannot be trashed like so many others recently. It is OK for the co-hosts on show like this to speak their mind but there are also bitter returns when that type of cheap speak trashes a beloved group such as nurses.

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