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Winning streak at stake for Gilmer Buckeyes

Gilmer head Coach Matt Turner Gilmer head Coach Matt Turner

Coming off a state championship last season, and losing practically all of their offensive stars, the Gilmer Buckeyes were a team that many questioned for the 2015 season. But, now they are going into week 5 of Friday Night Lights with a 4-0 record that silences the doubters.

“It says a lot about the program, just next man up. We lost nine guys on the offensive side of the ball last year. And everybody’s just doing a great job stepping up and coming back in to make plays,” said Zac Spears, Gilmer quarterback.

“We’re living up to that state championship title. And we’re taking one game at a time, also. We just come out here with a physicality, mentality, and just try to be as physical as we can to beat the guy in front of us,” said Tristian Olivares, Gilmer defensive tackle.

Now, the Buckeyes are preparing for a strong match up against the Carthage Bulldogs.

“Our coaches really emphasize on conditioning, you know, just each play going hard. Really just each play giving it all you have the whole game. Especially in the fourth quarter,” said Johnny Perez, Gilmer right tackle.

Besides their undefeated record at stake, there is also another streak that could be matched with one more win.

“Now if you guys win on Saturday, you’ll win 21 games in a row. That will match a school record. Is that something that you guys have had in the back of your mind, or has it been kind of hush-hush?” we asked. 

“I didn’t even know anything about that, but now that you said something, I don’t know. I’m a little nervous,” said Spears.

And while Zac may not have known about what the '04-'05 teams accomplished, others did. And they have faith that they will get the job done for Head Coach Matt Turner.

“It would mean a lot with Coach Turner, this being his first year as head coach, it would mean a lot to him. And it would mean a lot to everybody else, also,” said Olivares.  

We will have to wait till Saturday to see if the Buckeyes can match history, but it will be worth the wait.

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