Wrestling Exhibition In Gladewater

The world of professional wrestling is often connected with major league cities like New York or Chicago or Los Angeles. But Gladewater?

Once a month members of the East Texas  'New Age Wrestling Alliance' gather near Gladewater to promote, practice and perform exhibition wrestling matches. They began the event as a way to train, not only in wrestling techniques, but to become familiar with performing in front of a crowd and of course showmanship.

They even practice the outrageous antics and swagger that goes along with pro wrestling, all in a effort to make good in a sport they all love.

"We give them a place to work in front of a crowd to get the experience so they're not nervous when they come out to the ring, so when they go to the bigger shows they already have the experience working with the crowd, they're trying to hone their craft, so that's what we give them an opportunity to do," says event founder Joey Corman.

The wrestling event was started about a year ago. The ring is located just about a mile west of Gladewater on Highway 80.