SPCA And Anderson County Officials Rescue Abused Pit Bulls

More than 30 abused pit bulls were found at an East Texas home. The dogs were discovered Saturday on County Road 352 in Anderson County. Sheriff's Officers found the animals when they arrested the dogs' owner, Terry Watts, on drug and weapons charges.

Watts is suspected of selling and fighting the dogs. The pit bulls are severely malnourished, many with gaping open wounds on their legs. SPCA officials believe they'd been chained up without food, shelter, or clean water for months. Investigators say selling pit bulls for fight is a sickening practice and a cruel way to make profit from the misery of animals.

"Puppies can go for as much as two or three thousand dollars, and the adults can go as much as ten or fifteen thousand dollars. That's exactly what they do, people who come to watch a dog fight and people who fight them. They are doing it no more than to watch two animals rip each other apart. It's entertainment," says Dave Garcia, Vice President of the SPCA.

The dogs were taken to a warehouse in Dallas and treated for their wounds. A hearing on March 4th will decide if the dogs stay with the SPCA or are returned to their owner, Terry Watts.

Reporting: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com